My Inglenook

No conversation in my quarantine

Read a good book

Tell a wild tale about how it will end


I go to a place i feel safe and warm

My inglenook

Irregardless of my disappointment

There is a way to sit pray and lament


dVerse prompt on “inglenook” quadrille and I threw in a cavatina

My Inglenook

Lake Pontchartrain

Sun was setting on Lake Pontchartrain so I hurried along the road where once a sugar cane plantation stood. Past trees hundreds of years old. I did not expect such solitude. Only a young pelican learning to dive close to shore broke the calm of the lake.

On the walk back I saw a white-headed woodpecker and three deer standing on the fringe of the marsh. The fading light surrounded everything.

rare winter bird calls

hidden in the long branches

to be discovered


dVerse prompt on solitude

Lake Pontchartrain