Sex in the Time of Covid-19


Redacted from an article in the New York Times–  Corona Virus and Sex by Jen Gunter


Use your HSP

(household sex partner)

unless they are having symptoms

be celibate if you don’t have HSP

do not take on a covid fuck buddy

the risk is too high

you can still use your sex toys

but only with yourself

if you need to order your sex toy

ask yourself is it really essential


In the future will we even want to have sex?



NaPoWriMo prompt on writing a poem from a news article


Sex in the Time of Covid-19


When I was a freshman in college, Allen Ginsberg came to campus and did a poetry reading. From the front and center I could see and hear him clearly. I was unaware of his poems and his freedom of expression challenge. Remembering where I sat in the auditorium, how he looked and moved his voice. Now all I can recall is his verse line about masturbating with an empty toilet paper roll.


Wrapped in sexuality

to say or not say

is it privilege and a choice


dVerse writing prompt on sexuality – one of the choice poems to prompt was Allen Ginsberg. Google his freedom of expression case on you tube



a small tabu

just a little too

of all these things we knew

what was and was not tabu

greater was my sin

of all the scents combined 

it spread on the skin very thin

 a choice was made every time 


dVerse prompt using two brands of perfume – these two (My Sin and Tabu) my mother kept on her dresser.