Wear Shoes When Enameling

She knew the temperature was hot

it’s what was sought

to melt the glass

do not use brass

Sprinkled particles on copper

melded proper

kiln did bake it

time to exit

just when her piece passes the door

brooch falls on floor

I told you so—

burning the toe


dVerse prompt— one minute poem of 60 syllables, usually concerning an event that can happen in a minute

Wear Shoes When Enameling

Walking My Dog

Walking my dog into the labyrinth

he has no sense of following the path

(marked with stone and showing the way)

he prefers random ins and outs

sniffs along breaking the barriers

(set by man to keep us in line)

smudge on his nose


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille and use the word smudge. I actually know a dog named Smudge but this is not about him. This is about my dog who always has his nose in just about everything.


Walking My Dog