Ode to Mismatched Socks

All mismatched socks go in a bag

(evidence that I have given up the task)

I wear the individuals until there are holes

then throw them away


buried in the bag

is a pair

long departed from each other

and I rejoice

they are together again


dVerse prompt on laundry. Here’s to the missing socks that went down the drain and didn’t get in this poem.

Ode to Mismatched Socks

Ode to Staying Home

What a great place to be

being with family

no place to go

watch rain

wind or sunshine

pass outside

window panes

listening to songs of hope

trying to let go

of privilege &


how will we return

into this world?


NaPoWriMo prompt on ode to a simple thing— a simple act of staying home contrasted with how to enter back into the world.

Ode to Staying Home