Then and Now


condemned to severe punishment in hell

compelled to fill with water

a vessel full of holes

water runs out as soon as poured in

their labor was infinite

punishment eternal


tried to cheat death

carries a perpetual boulder

up the hill to see it roll back down again

Now the multiverse

peering into the unseen

universe beyond universe

endless explanations


NaPiWriMo Day 12 prompt on past and future based on two dictionaries Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary and the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

Then and Now

Dragon Lore

Dragon songs fill the air

audible only to dragon

too soon to tell what was heard

since being tethered in the atmosphere


to be cut loose that windy day

what flight

their songs fall below

let us know         how real

the dragons are

dVerse quadrille prompt on word dragon

Dragon Lore