The Alabaster Box

Six days before Passover

Jesus came again to Bethany

Martha served Him dinner

& Lazarus sat at the table with Him

Mary brought out an alabaster box

of costly oil of spikenard

which was imported from India

Mary anointed the feet of Jesus

& wiped His feet with her hair

& the house was filled with the fragrance

The Alabaster Box

Jesus & the People

Jesus no longer walked among the people

Hé & His disciples went to Ephraim

a city near the wilderness

it was 6 days before the Passover

& people were wondering

would Jesus come to Jerusalem

His following was building

He had raised Lazarus

from the dead

& the priests & Pharisees

wanted to kill Lazarus as well as Jesus


I’m in the middle of a 40 day series on Jesus going from Caesarea Philippi to His ascension.

Jesus & the People

Meanwhile in Jerusalem

Two miles away in Jerusalem

the priests & Pharisees

heard about Lazarus

& wanted council

for surely this man

does many signs

& the people

were believing he is the one

& Rome will take away our authority

& our nation

Caiphais the high priest said—

it is better that one man die

than a whole nation & so it was

prophecy that Jesus would die

& they plotted to kill him

Meanwhile in Jerusalem

Lazarus in the Tomb

Lazarus was dead & lying in a tomb

friend of Jesus

brother of Martha & Mary

who had sent word to Jesus

Come quickly my brother is sick

Days later Martha met Jesus on the road

as He was approaching Bethany

If only you had come sooner

my brother would be alive!

Mary came to Jesus & fell at His feet

If You had been here

my brother would be alive!

& she wept & Jesus wept

& the people wept

as they went to the tomb

Lazarus in the Tomb

Parable of the Minas

Jesus told this parable to His disciples on the way to Jerusalem because they thought the kingdom of God would appear immediately. A parable would take a subject that was well known to the listener & compare or demonstrate that which was unknown. A mina was a unit of weight & currency, equal to 60 shekels, & 1/4 of an agricultural workers annual earnings.

Jesus said—

A nobleman went away to a far land to receive a kingdom for himself & to return. He called his servants to him, giving each one mina & said, Do business till I come.

After receiving his kingdom, he called his servants to see what they had gained by trading. The first servant had earned ten minas. The master gave him authority over ten cities in his kingdom because he had been faithful with a little amount. The second had five minas & was given authority over five cities. The third presented him with the original mina which he had put away because he was fearful & knowing the master as an austere man, collecting what was not deposited and reaping what he did not sow.

You knew this about me and did not even put the mina in the bank to draw interest. You wicked servant! Out of your own mouth I will judge you.

So the mina was taken from him & given to the servant with ten. The master said, for I say to you, that everyone who has will be given; and from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.

Parable of the Minas


Blind beggar Bartimaeus

could hear the crowd

coming along the road

near Jericho

& he asked who was there

crying out when he heard

it was Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus Son of David!

Have mercy on me!

& many told him to be quiet

which made him yell louder

Jesus! Son of David!

Have mercy on me!

Jesus stood still &

commanded that the man

be called to Him & said

What do you want me to do?


that I may receive my sight!

& immediately

he received his sight &

followed Jesus on the road


Walking Towards Jerusalem

When Jesus was walking

perhaps he was thinking

of Isaiah 55:12—

You will go out in joy and be led

forth in peace; the mountains

and hills will burst forth into song

before you, and all the trees

of the field will clap their hands.

While walking

James and John asked Jesus

to do something for them

which was to sit one on the right

the other on the left

when Jesus reaches His glory

(they still were thinking

the kingdom of David

would be restored)

Jesus said

You don’t know what you ask

for you are asking something

that I cannot give

The other disciples were angry

(remember how they had argued

about who would be

greatest among them)

so Jesus called them together

& told them whoever desires

to be great among them

shall be your servent &

whoever wants

to be #1

shall be slave of all

for even He came to serve

& give His life as ransom

for many

Walking Towards Jerusalem

Blessing the Children

In Capernum

He taught the disciples

many things

& departed there

going into Judea &

across the Jordan River

where crowds gathered

& Pharisees came to test Him

parents brought their children

for which the disciples rebuked them

Jesus said

Let the children come to me

for the kingdom of God belongs

to these—

He put His hands on the children

and blessed them

Blessing the Children

Caesarea Philippi

Start in Caesarea Philippi

twenty mile walk from Capernum

take the Roman road

to the Greek god Pan

beautiful site

at the foot of Mt Hermon

source of the Jordan River

the Cave of Pan


where Jesus told his disciples

that he would die

& live again

Who do you say I am?

& Peter exclaimed

Son of the living God!

& with this revelation

the church was built

here on the crags

of Caesarea Philippi

Caesarea Philippi