Mother of Horses

Oh my mother

mother of permanence

mother of mothers

mine is equestrial

run out there & today gentle

mother ///// mother

you are not the mother negated

ride ///// prance ///// divine

content & discontent

with me ///// with Him


NaPoWriMo prompt to use a poem from a different language and write a poem based on its sound and rhythm (not a translation). I used a poem from the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca.

Mother of Horses

Women on Horses

In a dream, there are horses and women are riding them. The horses are huge like none I have ever seen before. (They are like the elephant is to the mahout.). They are coming forward. The riders look so small and the horses are so large. They are not running. They are not trotting. They are stepping, coming boldly with strength and power. I can still see them in my dream. My analytical mind takes me out of the dream and I think of what I was taught by culture, by history. The woman must be on her high horse. Knock the woman off of her high horse. Woman, do not listen to that. That is not the voice of God. The women are coming on their horses.


NaPoWriMo to write about a dream.  This dream was so visual I can still see it.

Women on Horses