Fish in Jamestown Harbor

There are fish in the water so the fishermen put out their boats, night and day. The nets bring a haul, both large and small, and when the boat is full, it is pulled ashore and the fish are released onto land in baskets and buckets. Some are smoked right on the beach, while others are spiced and fried. Who knows where the rest of the fish go.

The Jamestown Fishing Harbor Project has began with the demolition of existing structures at the site of the Chinese funded $60 million Jamestown Fishing Harbor Complex. There will be dredging of 118,000 cubic meters in the harbor basin and shipping channels; construction of hydraulic structures, seawall, a breakwater, and supporting facilities including a fish market and a processing area. Who knows where the rest of the people will go.


dVerse prompt on boat. On May 21, 2020, the demolition of over 400 temporary and permanent structures occurred at Jamestown fishing community. Is this neocolonialism or a move to benefit the Ghanaian people?

Photo taken in Jamestown in September 2019.

Fish in Jamestown Harbor


I am in Ghana, searching for a mosquito which I have prepared to encounter. The yellow fever vaccine has prepared me against this fever which can be fatal. I take my malaria tabs everyday and still I have not seen a mosquito.

On my way up Prayer Mountain, I wear my insect repellent scarf and no mosquito comes to me. All my precautions come forth in the shower of my host family whose son has malaria. I swat that mosquito dead.

out in the jungle

tropical vegetation

yet no mosquito


Meeting a Writer at Lake Bosumtwi

When you return will you bring me a writing book?

the English was heavily accented

the face was young and inquiring

English I say

When you return will you bring me a writing book?

I heard the word clearer now and know of a request for book

any book I ask

a writing book

Are you a writer I am a writer

Then I remember that I have a small moleskin book in my bag

I bring out the book and present it to him

I hope he becomes a writer

I see him in the distance walking home with his book

We wave goodbye as I leave Lake Bosumtwi.

Meeting a Writer at Lake Bosumtwi

Prayer Mountain

We hike in the morning before it was too hot. Yet the sweat pours out during the many steps up the side of Prayer Mountain. People come here to pray, to find deliverance in this Christian nation of Ghana. Before we reach the top there are rocks that are weeping like the Weeping Rock of Zion. When we come to the end of the trail we are on a flat plateau of smooth indented stone. There is testimony that the waters collecting on the rock have healing powers.

The way down is quicker. The struggle up was difficult but “these memories were left here with the trees” as we pass by more pilgrims on their way up with their own struggles. Each step a prayer.


dVerse prompt to use Jo Harjo quote. Written after a climb up Prayer Mountain in Ghana.

Prayer Mountain