No More Shade

Under the canopy resting and weary

too much success for Jonah

who brought a word to Nineveh

the people repented

and Jonah was angry with God

How can such a warring people

find salvation from you God

then the worm came

ate the tree

no more shade

dVerse prompt on shade

No More Shade

Three Haiku of Forgiveness

Forgive me the time

I dug up asparagus

to plant fava beans


Forgive me the time

for drinking wine before noon

you thought I was drunk


Forgive me the time

I fell asleep at the wheel

your prayers woke me


PAD prompt – guilt poem

Three Haiku of Forgiveness



When the oyster gets an irritation

it wraps itself around the cause

secretes its own cure

and creates a thing of beauty

inside of itself

like when Jesus said

we must forgive seventy times seven

the oyster forgives its intruders

and caresses them in salty liquor

until there are as many as 51

another oyster has 80 some

and this is not an exaggeration

the world’s record

of oyster forgiveness

amazing all who see it!

Franklin, Tennessee ¬†Woman bites into an oyster at Puckett’s Boat House and finds 51 pearls ¬†4/6/15