I want to know what makes a flower bloom

My tulips look like I planted upside down

Iris are all green with lanky stalk

Lilies look so small and disarrayed

Is it the lack of nutrients in the soil

Or winter’s low shading of the sun

My pear tree must have flower to fruit

Without blooms peas and beans retreat

Do not waste away another day

It’s time to fertilize fertilize fertilize

Come alive


NaPoWriMo Day 16 prompt to write a curtal sonnet.




A flower of ancient ceremony

Mesopotamia    Egypt   Greece

carved  in  stone  on  columns

hammered into golden jewels

to  represent   the  wild  roses

celebration            rites  of  life

& death




NaPoWriMo prompt on the meaning of a flower.

The rosette has been seen throughout antiquity in

many cultures across the world.




Wasn’t it this time

last  year

that  your hoya


and in your excitement

and joy

you plucked

its single delicate


to bring

to me?


Written January 19, 1978 for Bob McAllister’s poetry class
Bainbridge Island, WA

Comments or critique from Bob:

Excitement and joy, one or other,  both are too extended.
Nature – a single flower central experience.
Haiku form with one short thought or can take two
and usually does contrast.