Sometimes I hear his snort

smell his fart

drop a food morsel

on the floor

expecting him to come

and find it

he stopped on his own

pulmonary embolism

cremation ashes return

Irreplaceable pet


NaPoWriMo prompt on a pet. Deuce was irreplaceable.


King Saul and the Witch

an elegy for Saul

After the death of the prophet Samuel


(abandoned by God)

no visions in prophesy or dream

the kingdom snatched from his hand

with the Philistines about to attack

Saul went to the witch of Endor anyway

surely you are Saul who has come to kill me said the witch who recognized him even in disguise (it is hard to fool a witch)

Saul swore to his God (who had abandoned him) he would not kill the witch

She conjured the spirit of prophesy

raised Samuel out of the grave

sent the king into battle knowing of his death

and that of his son

all that remained to him

was death

King Saul and the Witch