Hillary at Bat or Will A Woman Ever Hit a Home Run?

The outlook it was brilliant for the Clinton camp that day
The polls showed Hill in the lead with one weekend more to play
And then FBI Comey threw a wiener in the mix
Another batch of email and an election he could fix.

The former mayor of NYC Giuliani’s time to spew
We have for you a big surprise he warned in interview
Forget the Al Smith dinner joke his face turning red
And thinking without speaking lets put this bitch to bed!

Who needs a service resume to lead a nation on?
Just tell em what they want to hear and pander all day long!
Stir up in this great nation the have and the have not
If that don’t work the rest it can be bought.

What promises will really help the farmer in the field?
Who put that big Trump sign up against a future yield.
The bright red states of the heartland flow
Like watershed rivers and streams they go.

In the South I understand some were never on the fence
They rattled their sabers they voted Trump and Pence
This was their reason to now speak their mind
Something was for certain it was never really kind.

The court of accusers villainized the woman for sure
Prison time and you know what was definitely the cure
They called her hag they called her bitch for you
And given half a million chance they’d grab her pussy too!

Did he really tell you what you always want to hear?
That all your problems would go away while you sit and drink your beer?
That all your situations were from Hillary and Barack
And listen to the no plan plan and hide a key that fits the lock?

They say it isn’t sexist I say that is a lie
They say the good ole boys club it will never die
To stand on assassination her character to bleed
Would rather throw away the key than let a woman lead.

A last Philadelphia campaign speech brought hope to a falling poll
Such words to unite a people amidst a rising troll
Did I just call that man a troll you ultimately ask
Not the first nor be the last to help to fight their task.

Their task of keeping women down and lowering their pay
Their task of sexual objectivity and limiting the gay
The fight to keep a choice alive and health care for all
The fight to never ever never build a wall.

Please say that hate will not triumph
That it was only talk and politics in the rough
Please say that there will always be amnesty
In all that animosity.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it twice
This election wasn’t very nice
Lies the maddened people cries
Lies were stacked on top of lies.

Oh, somewhere in this great land the sun is shining bright
The band is playing Dixie and somewhere hearts are light
Somewhere men are laughing and somewhere these men shout
There is joy in their Trumpville Hillary has been voted out.

Hillary at Bat or Will A Woman Ever Hit a Home Run?