Beach Resort Dubai

Arrived in the evening at Dubai Airport and no paperwork to fill out at customs, show the passport and get your stamp in and out when you leave.

Only a twenty dollar ride to Jumeirah Beach hotels. In Houston that would have been sixty. Now to relax after sleeping all night (that is because I didn’t sleep but a few minutes on the plane).

Location, location, location. I love shelling and was not disappointed. If you love ski diving, jet skiing, skiing and more, this beach will not let you down. You are within walking distance. I forgot beach camel rides. Did I mention how hot it was? Last day the temp and humidity dropped.

Hotel food was expensive but around the corner was Mom’s Kitchen. Lemon mint drink so refreshing. This Lebanese restaurant was recommended by a local and we ate there three nights.

Our daily bread

was provided complimentary hotel breakfast buffet that had so much variety and could post just on it. Maybe I will later.

Time to sleep

Beach Resort Dubai


I got on a nonstop to Dubai. Emirates has the best looking stewardesses. The first ones I ever saw were in Johannesburg, South Africa. Two were walking through the Fire and Ice Hotel lobby. I thought they were models. Their outfit was tailored in beige and red, a small red pill box style hat and a white scarf draping down past their shoulder then up the other side around the neck. The red lipstick threw me back to the fifties and sixties when even United Airlines, Pan American and others had great uniforms and meals. Those days are gone and so is a part of the day I lost traveling to the Middle East, UAE. I left Houston at 7:50 pm and arrived Dubai at 7:40 pm the next day. That’s about 24 hours but the flight was only 14 hours. While I was in the air I lost ten hours. When I return to Houston I will get it back. If I just kept flying west would I constantly gain time? Would I never age?  Is time relative?

flying into day

sunrise over England’s shore

nighttime in Dubai

Going northeast to go east, over Nova Scotia, Goose Bay, Edinburgh, and finally the Persian Gulf.