Dryness came upon the land
Rain withheld short of water
Outside hot temp of two zero
Underground and high plateau
GOD always hears the praying
Hé sent clouds to answer with
Tomorrow we find hope at last

dVerse prompt on acrostics – compound acrostic



the earth rises up dusty full of grime
no rain fell for seven fortnights and a day
where once was lush green now it festers brown
plants begin to shrivel and root hairs start to fade

without a sprinkle of water these plants will die
haul out the many hoses front back and side
choose to shower stream cone flat or jet propel
let the faux rain begin to douse them everyday

see the flower lift their heads
leaves turn plump and green
tender stems move upward once again

send more moisture says soil soaked again
plants say another day of sunshine we can’t stand
now keep us growing with your mercy and your rain

dVerse prompt on sonnet in free meter