I want to write like Dali

I want to write like Dali painted


everything capable

of fluidity whether a horse

or time

or an elephant and rhino on stilts

elongate the llllllls

create more holes in the OOOOOOs

put a whole world inside just one

put a landscape on the table

a seascape in knees

find paragraphs

that grow trees



dVerse prompt on surrealism




I want to write like Dali

Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus”

painting by Dali


landscape of Millet’s Angelus

stark and barren as the harvest

yet piously thankful for a few potatoes

Dali blew it up

on a parched desert floor

where he and his father stood

monolithic in prayer

I step into a landscape

point and click as I go

surreal and virtually real

moving about in a painting

360 degrees in 3D

grounded on earth a steady point

ants birds and elephants moving

universe over head

climb a tower not forgetting

where I am


NaPoWriMo prompt – ekphrasis of the virtual reality experience at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg

Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus”