Then and Now


condemned to severe punishment in hell

compelled to fill with water

a vessel full of holes

water runs out as soon as poured in

their labor was infinite

punishment eternal


tried to cheat death

carries a perpetual boulder

up the hill to see it roll back down again

Now the multiverse

peering into the unseen

universe beyond universe

endless explanations


NaPiWriMo Day 12 prompt on past and future based on two dictionaries Lempriere’s Classical Dictionary and the Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

Then and Now


Woke to silver crystals on the ground

grass crinkles under my shoes

I slept under a heavy weight

with the dog on my bed

last night a beaver moon with an eclipse

did not keep us awake

we slept hard


only to abide


dVerse prompt to use the word abide.  Yes, the dude abides.