Clementine Hunter’s Juke Joint

At Melrose Plantation

African House still stands

(restoration completed)

& murals by Clementine Hunter

(also restored)

show the juke joint

down the road

on Saturday night

maybe a knife fight

dance and swing

til shots ring

will silence the song

all the people gone


dVerse prompt to write a quadrille using the word juke. Louisiana artist Clementine Hunter painted a juke joint as part of her murals on the walls of African House.

Clementine Hunter’s Juke Joint

Clementine Hunter

a character sketch


Forged in the art world

Is yours real?

Ahead of her time

Painted on anything

If you see one

What a find


Black grandmother Moses

Painting her scenes

of going to church

Baptism funeral and flowers

Plantation livin’

Her cotton pickin’ memories


Cotton Crucifixion

Bold statement for her time

A crucified black Lord Jesus

Hangin’ high

Between two cotton bales

That hold crosses of the thieves


Clementine saw the black Lord Jesus

The same one that rescued me

It was not another Jesus

bleedin’ on that tree

It was her Jesus

The one that she could see


Clementine Hunter was a Louisiana artist.  She picked cotton in her younger years and later in life picked paints and brush and said she could “mark” a picture if she would “sot her mind to it”.

Clementine Hunter