low tide welcomes tourists

                 a fortress of high walls

                                                no windows


take a photo

                    walk the beach



Day 1 NaGloPoWriMo prompt on thinking outside the box. My photo from St Andrews State Park in Florida of an abandoned sandcastle and wondering what will be the Neo-tourism following pandemic.


Beach Hikes

Beach hikes are the best because there is no elevation. I can walk for miles, barefooted, sand between my toes and shells strewn along the way. Waves repeating melody cancels the cares of the world, healing power of sound and saltwater.

Except in some beaches of Portugal where the hike to the small beach among rugged cliffs is near impossible. A road leads down, the surf pounds and beware of being pulled under.

In Crete the road winds along sharp curves, narrow, sometimes one lane, for miles going down until finally, there is an expanse of beach, pink sand and clear water.

in any season

this offering to the land

brought by the sea

Beach Hikes