Ferry to Santorini

Seajet fast ferry

from Crete to Santorini

looks calm at the dock 

People file in


a soccer team

Five minutes out

waves plummet the vessel

children squeal with delight

A few more hard punches

bow rises and thumps hard

voices shriek 

Advice comes over the speaker

stay in your seats

mind your children

People start reaching for barf bags

you can hear a child puke

too late for the bag

Too late for Dramamine

all the team 

starts barfing

The crew is busy

handing out more bags

cleaning up messes

The children’s delight

turns into horror

some are crying out

I get my bag ready

It’s been awhile since I had motion sickness

now most everyone has it

If we are halfway there

no use to turn back

keep on going

Crossing the Sea of Crete

not even a storm

just some waves

Women and men tend to the children

I don’t know how they manage

when I move I barf again

There is a lull in the puking

stomachs have emptied

a rest from the vomit

Those who thought they could make it

raise their hand for a bag

their countenance broken

Quiet is disrupted now

with the sound of the dry heaves

deep from the guts on the vessel

I want only to hear that we have arrived

I search the horizon for land

I hold on so I don’t pass out

Grown men have been barfing too

some tried to make it

destination just too far away

Finally the crew woman speaks

we are getting close

what joy to my ears

The vessel enters the port

announced on the speaker

a boy yells hallelujah 

Calm returns to the water

ferry stops bouncing

ashen faces move to the door

One man is carried off 

on a support chair

to a waiting ambulance

Ferry to Santorini