Petroglyph Picasso Postcard Series

Petroglyph Picasso
marks of his time with palette
pyramid lights
a different red bull

Petroglyph Picasso
mark of our time
dismembered disjointed shapes
wanting to be whole

Petroglyph Picasso
Oh to sit for a portrait with the master
take this cup
leave the table and dance!

Joy of the master’s studio
blank slate or finished canvas
lines take shape
black and white or color
begin a new work

Petroglyph Picasso
pitcher and the poet pours out
a stream of water let go
that no longer fills the vessel
like stone that needs no remembrance
or the folly of the etcher

Petroglyph Picasso
woman reading
thought of beginning middle and end
history fiction or current event
mind encapsulated in this moment

Petroglyph Picasso
mark of his time
the eye that saw war
the eye that saw peace
mouth ready to speak art

Petroglyph Picasso
a ring of suspense
who will die a violent death
a horse the bull or the matador

Petroglyph Picasso
shapes cut stone like
in still life with fans
moves the air regardless of time

Petroglyph Picasso
portrait of our time
confusion and the crucifixion
crying out with limbs
hands set in prayer

shapes cut like stone
seat of still life
Left behind by the master
Petroglyph Picasso

compilation of poems August Poetry Postçard Fest

Petroglyph Picasso Postcard Series

Road Trip #2


City of Rocks New Mexico

structures by nature

mighty stones too grand

for my camera lens

a must see memory


Campsites tucked among

these giants

formed of volcanic action

chiseled by wind and water

megaliths on the desert floor


We pitched our tent on rock

made 35 million years ago

a mere baby that awoke

in this galactic year

where now we sleep



PAD prompt – travel poem




Road Trip #2

Rembrandt’s Bathsheba

This Rembrandt of

Bathsheba at Her Bath

light drenches her body

let water cling

like eyes that lust upon her


Her beauty wrapped in time

when all the kings and men

went out to war

yet David stays



Sun reaches out to touch

where others dare not

naked least the jewels

bind her to the day



He must decide

leave her be

or take her in his palace

the rest is


Rembrandt’s Bathsheba

Still Life in Paris

We leave a few things behind

but take much away

Not material items

or memory of the best places to go


A red sunset along the Seine

that lights the buttresses

of the Notre Dame Cathedral

the walls turned crimson


Small boats pushed with long sticks

by boys at the fountain

Somber look of statues in the Louvre

seen only from the outside looking in


People wait by the glass pyramid

formations of people heavy buildings

flowing water brought together

in a still life in Paris

Still Life in Paris