Lazarus in the Tomb

Lazarus was dead & lying in a tomb

friend of Jesus

brother of Martha & Mary

who had sent word to Jesus

Come quickly my brother is sick

Days later Martha met Jesus on the road

as He was approaching Bethany

If only you had come sooner

my brother would be alive!

Mary came to Jesus & fell at His feet

If You had been here

my brother would be alive!

& she wept & Jesus wept

& the people wept

as they went to the tomb

Lazarus in the Tomb

Returning to Jerusalem

Jesus had been to the Temple—

as a baby

He was presented to God

as a twelve year

who stayed there questioning

the rabbis for three days

while His parents searched for Him

as a young man growing up

who would go with his family

for three major festivals each year

as a young rabbi

who challenged religious leaders

for three years of His ministry

Nearing Jerusalem this time

He knew it would be different

& had explained on three occasions

to His disciplines how He would

be betrayed and killed and rise again

His disciples still did not understand

Returning to Jerusalem

Parable of the Minas

Jesus told this parable to His disciples on the way to Jerusalem because they thought the kingdom of God would appear immediately. A parable would take a subject that was well known to the listener & compare or demonstrate that which was unknown. A mina was a unit of weight & currency, equal to 60 shekels, & 1/4 of an agricultural workers annual earnings.

Jesus said—

A nobleman went away to a far land to receive a kingdom for himself & to return. He called his servants to him, giving each one mina & said, Do business till I come.

After receiving his kingdom, he called his servants to see what they had gained by trading. The first servant had earned ten minas. The master gave him authority over ten cities in his kingdom because he had been faithful with a little amount. The second had five minas & was given authority over five cities. The third presented him with the original mina which he had put away because he was fearful & knowing the master as an austere man, collecting what was not deposited and reaping what he did not sow.

You knew this about me and did not even put the mina in the bank to draw interest. You wicked servant! Out of your own mouth I will judge you.

So the mina was taken from him & given to the servant with ten. The master said, for I say to you, that everyone who has will be given; and from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.

Parable of the Minas


Zacchaeus climbed the sycamore fig

branches were heavy
took the weight

a chief tax collector

rich from his work for the Romans


Walking further out to see
Jesus who was passing through
the ancient town of Jericho
“Zacchaeus Zacchaeus
come down from that tree!”


Zacchaeus came down
amongst the pressing crowd
Jesus had called him down
what a sight to see
this rich man in the sycamore tree


“I must stay the night with Zacchaeus”
as the rich man welcomed Jesus joyfully
while the crowd murmured and complained
how can Jesus spend His time
in the house of such a sinner!


Zacchaeus came down from that tree
meeting Jesus surrounded by enemies
he stood in his rich garments and said Lord
half of my riches I will give to the poor
and four times any amount of my extortion


Salvation has come to this house



Blind beggar Bartimaeus

could hear the crowd

coming along the road

near Jericho

& he asked who was there

crying out when he heard

it was Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus Son of David!

Have mercy on me!

& many told him to be quiet

which made him yell louder

Jesus! Son of David!

Have mercy on me!

Jesus stood still &

commanded that the man

be called to Him & said

What do you want me to do?


that I may receive my sight!

& immediately

he received his sight &

followed Jesus on the road


Walking Towards Jerusalem

When Jesus was walking

perhaps he was thinking

of Isaiah 55:12—

You will go out in joy and be led

forth in peace; the mountains

and hills will burst forth into song

before you, and all the trees

of the field will clap their hands.

While walking

James and John asked Jesus

to do something for them

which was to sit one on the right

the other on the left

when Jesus reaches His glory

(they still were thinking

the kingdom of David

would be restored)

Jesus said

You don’t know what you ask

for you are asking something

that I cannot give

The other disciples were angry

(remember how they had argued

about who would be

greatest among them)

so Jesus called them together

& told them whoever desires

to be great among them

shall be your servent &

whoever wants

to be #1

shall be slave of all

for even He came to serve

& give His life as ransom

for many

Walking Towards Jerusalem

On the Way to Jerusalem

When it was time to travel again
a rich man came to Jesus
& wanted to know what he could do
to have eternal life—
sell everything
give it to the poor &
come with me
Jesus said
but the man was very rich & could not
so he went on his way
& Jesus led the way towards Jerusalem
with the disciples being amazed
as well as afraid
so He took them aside
to tell them again what would happen—
how he would be betrayed
condemned mocked scourged
spit on & killed
on the third day He would rise again

On the Way to Jerusalem

Blessing the Children

In Capernum

He taught the disciples

many things

& departed there

going into Judea &

across the Jordan River

where crowds gathered

& Pharisees came to test Him

parents brought their children

for which the disciples rebuked them

Jesus said

Let the children come to me

for the kingdom of God belongs

to these—

He put His hands on the children

and blessed them

Blessing the Children

On the Road to Capernum

After Jesus healed the epileptic boy

He & the disciples

traveled through Galilee

going back to Capernum

but on a different road

& when they were settled

in a house there

Jesus asked them what they

had been arguing about

& since they had been

proclaiming which of them

was the greatest

they were embarrassed

& were afraid to ask Him

what it meant that He would die

& be raised in three days

which He had spoken of on the road

because He wanted them to know

what would happen

in Jerusalem

On the Road to Capernum

Need for Prayer

Jesus walked down

from the mountain

& a crowd had gathered

waiting for his return—

here a man pleaded

for healing of his epileptic son

(the disciples who had stayed

could not heal him)

Jesus thought them all faithless

& called the demon out of the boy

who convulsed violently

& was finally rid of that spirit



The disciples questioned Jesus

why they had failed

& Jesus told them

that prayer and fasting was required

Need for Prayer