Coffee Withdrawal

Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz

I was addicted to coffee

had it everyday

about the same time

double shot


Coffee coffee buzzbuzz

double shot

seeped in flavor

magical beans

ground fresh

Coffee coffee buzz

welcome the first sip

aroma too

dark with crema

Coffee coffee

don’t need the buzz

no addiction


I quit


dVerse prompt on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors. I chose Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz because I quit drinking it but still grave it.

Coffee Withdrawal

13 thoughts on “Coffee Withdrawal

  1. Made me think of those who seem to have a scheduled repeat of coffee each day. I’ve never had a cup but I do like my tea. Nice flow and repetition that mirrored the message well.


      1. Alright! I’ve sent about 6 out and have another 6 ready to go. I like taking this easy peasy approach. Last year it seemed more like (fun) work, but this year pure enjoyment.


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