Garden Wounds

When plants fight back

leave a wound on finger

twig in the eye

scrap of the blackberry vine

stain of the grass

bitter taste

of the forgotten lettuce

renegade limbs

blocking my path

thought that they could

keep me away

wound up as compost


dVerse prompt to use the homograph wound in a quadrille

Garden Wounds

3 thoughts on “Garden Wounds

  1. I LOVE this, Jane! Oh yes….the garden at the end of the season most especially, seems to fight back with a clog of weeds and I can just picture it here. Excellent use of the homographic word in both contexts. The “forgotten lettuce” made me smile…..I remember that from our past gardens many many years ago in Iowa. 🙂 It would get leggy and bitter to the taste as well….like it was angry we didn’t pick it in its prime!


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