My Dog and I

It is bath time for the dog

he looks at me

like he knows the word bath

really it’s a shower

but I call it bath

he lets me take him in my arms

and placed in the tub

I spray him with water

rub him vigorously with suds

between the toes (especially between his toes)

and all over

I still remember a time when someone

showered me

dried my skin

and put ringlets in my hair

My Dog and I

12 thoughts on “My Dog and I

  1. So many of us identify with our pets, and there have been a few dog poems for this prompt. I love the way your poem shifts from the dog’s bath time to your childhood bath time. The closest we can get to that as adults is some kind of pampering. Saying that, now the lockdown has been lifted in the UK, I’m looking forward to going to the hairdressers soon!

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