Election Day

Election Day brings happiness

when your favorite candidate wins

you watch the results roll in

glued to the tube or your cellphone screen

too late to rally or sway a voter

polls are closed and the counting started

my vote one in the millions


dVerse prompt on a quadrille of happiness- today is Election Day. I have no idea who will win.

Election Day

3 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Ah yes…..and here we are in the US on election day, in the midst of a pandemic and challenging times in so many ways for so many people. Which is exactly why I thought a happiness project at dVerse would be a salve for the times. 🙂 Yep….if your candidate wins….but there’s so much more this year, right? The candidate, the Senate, a vaccine, the efficient and equitable distribution of a vaccine, getting economic relief to so many who need it so desperately, the rent and mortgage payments that will soon be demanded. I think, for me, honestly speaking, we need a new person at the helm but no matter who is elected, there is so much to DO and to SOLVE in the next months, and perhaps year or years…
    MUCH to be done. And through it all…..keeping hope and happiness alive! 🙂
    Glad you posted here!


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