..…when it is over said and done…..

I packed my bags before the way out was too distant. The longer I stayed the greater the possibility of maybe this time, maybe tomorrow, I would walk out the door. This time would be different; a perfect opportunity, a break through in a time of near disparition.

It had been five months since I had traveled. Was flying safe? Was driving safe? Would I accidentally walk into someone else’s sneeze? Touch a surface that hadn’t been Cloroxed? Where would I eat? How will I get water?

So many questions and now a hurricane was rolling through the gulf. Evacuating made it possible. Evacuating blew me out of the house, into the car and down the road. Evacuating meant I could leave everything behind in an instant, hoping I will return another time.


dVerse prompt on verbing. Evacuating— evacuate now— so many people evacuating from fire and hurricane. I was planning on leaving before the need to evacuate. Quote from Allison Adele Hedge Coke from “A Time”


7 thoughts on “Evacuating

    1. We got through Louisiana the day before the hurricane on our way to Florida. All the rescue vehicles and clean up trucks and National guard were heading towards it as we were heading away.


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