At the Checkout Stand

I masked up and went to the grocery store.  It had been three months of home delivery.  Now I was on my own.  I went early and social distanced most of the time.

There was lots of produce and salad dressings.   Flour,  not so much.  Yeast, no way, but still hopeful.  There was bleach and a few hand soaps.  Alcohol on the bottom shelf, way in the back.  You had to bend over to see it.  Plenty of eggs and cheese and milk.  A few boxes left with Aunt Jemima still pictured with perfect pancakes.

The checkout clerk wore a mask and asked me if I had found everything I needed.  I hesitated; she waited for the answer.  “Do you think we will ever have yeast again?”          I asked through my mask.  She thought I said, “Do you think we will ever have peace again?” She replied and finished with “only if people will do the right thing.”

trust the food supply

find more even in a siege

in summer we feast



dVerse haibun prompt on a shining moment



At the Checkout Stand

18 thoughts on “At the Checkout Stand

  1. I love the details in your prose here and the twist at the end. How lovely to have someone talk calmly about peace and people doing the right thing…and saying that unexpectedly. Haiku expands on the prose perfectly. So glad you posted today!


  2. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    Shining moments come in all varieties, Yours is modest, and yet it represents a behemoth change in our world; nice job.


  3. Beverly Crawford says:

    Who would ever think yeast and peace could be confused! What a simple, gentle, humorous moment. Thanks for sharing.


  4. gillena cox says:

    This is humours reading. But can be quite frustrating in this new normal of masks. I find myself pointing a lot

    Thanks for dropping by to read mine



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