How did George Floyd kill Aunt Jemima after he was already dead?

Aunt Jemima served delicious pancakes

RIP George

RIP Quaker Oats Aunt Jemima

Here comes Uncle Ben

with a pot of fluffy rice

soon to be snuffed out

another white on black




5 thoughts on “Homicide

  1. Maybe we are over reacting but at the base of it all is that we want to bring understanding and justice. I’m so barely ‘awake’ that I don’t know if this is offensive to black people or not. I guess, I’ll err on the side of “I’m so sorry” Walking on egg shells over here.


  2. For 150 years Americans have lived with Black not really equaling White and not noticing it, which is why the sudden desire to beg forgiveness strikes me as strange to say the least. Some might say, about bloody time too.


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