Morse Code

dits and dahs

dots and dashes

get your rhythm

don’t be slow

tapping out

a universal


dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit

••• – – – •••



NaPiWriMo prompt to look at old technology. Morse Code has been around since 1844 and still used today. Most interesting use was the POW who used the code to spell out the word torture with the blinks of his eyes.

Morse Code

5 thoughts on “Morse Code

  1. Hey, good evening. I have a poetry corner and I would love to feature this poem. It is very interesting yet draws me in further due to its uniqueness. I will reblog your post on my page and hopefully, others will visit. Well done.


  2. Reblogged this on KG Bethlehem and commented:
    Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. I really hope everyone is keeping safe and taking all the precautions in this serious time. But for night lets enjoy ourselves with his unique poem I found. The poet’s name is Jane Swanson and the name of this joint is called “Morse Code.” This poet has a lot to offer and hopefully, you can stop by her page and stay for a few.

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