Death’s Knock

Last night there were knocks

on a door which woke me up

wondering if this

was deliberate knocking on my door

maybe from the homeless people

in the woods next door or someone else

who needed me in the middle

of the night and without pajamas

I left the bed to have a look

& then remembered I was naked

with a fear that someone

could have been looking in at me

standing there oblivious to the fact

that death’s knock had come

to the neighbor in the house

west of me as I went back to sleep


dVerse prompt on a one sentence poem containing perhaps an embarrassing experience and incorporating the end of civilization

Death’s Knock

6 thoughts on “Death’s Knock

  1. Xan says:

    Oh, I gasped out loud! Wonderful! I love the twist on the primordial dream of being naked in public, but how it’s somehow okay when it’s just Death, but not yours.

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  2. Reminds me of a time I was alone in a hotel room and in naked slumber when there was aggressive pounding at my door at two in the morning. They were yelling that it was the cops and that they were going to come right in and I was so confused and yelled that I didn’t even have clothes on but I opened the door and hid behind it while one of them threw a blanket at me (at least they had that decency) and it was an ordeal but they eventually realized they had the wrong door. I like your version better.


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