Two Worlds


I am the boundaries that divide

placed by politics

a mockery of continents

ill-placed border crossings



no-flight zones

international waters

can be changed

by exploration

treaty or war



One day I split continents

still eruptions and quakes

know no boundaries

with my heights and my depth

salty waters

fresh streams

flowing over me

I create weather and air

take care

of me




dVerse prompt to write an apostrophe

Two Worlds

3 thoughts on “Two Worlds

  1. Oh wow, Jane. What was effective about this was that you broke the “rules” to the prompt to convey how little the first voice considers the second voice, who coincidentally, does the addressing. No, the first is all me me me bravado and construed power. But the second voice is life-affirming in content and in tone. Such a good read!


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