In Albania

In Albania

we visit the Jonathon Center

dance with the children

who are celebrating a birthday

This is the house where Mother Teresa’s mother

and sister lived during Communism

Mother Teresa was not allowed into the country

they said she was a spy

When Communism fall in Albania

Mother Teresa returned

put flowers of forgiveness on the grave

of the dictator and then went to her mother’s grave

When her mother was living

people would have coffee with her

they could not talk about God

there was no God in Albania


stories from Albania

In Albania

8 thoughts on “In Albania

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found it especially touching to read that Mother Teresa placed flowers of forgiveness on the grave of the dictator. Forgiveness is powerful….difficult to do in so many instances. But Mother Teresa was a selfless person and thus….a woman of history who shall live on in the minds and hearts of many.


  2. This poem is so well crafted- economical and straightforward – the images of tolerance and forgiveness soften us up, while the short lines give the poem rigor and get us ready for the one-two punch at the end. It’s more sophisticated and subtle than would appear on the surface.


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