I am in Ghana, searching for a mosquito which I have prepared to encounter. The yellow fever vaccine has prepared me against this fever which can be fatal. I take my malaria tabs everyday and still I have not seen a mosquito.

On my way up Prayer Mountain, I wear my insect repellent scarf and no mosquito comes to me. All my precautions come forth in the shower of my host family whose son has malaria. I swat that mosquito dead.

out in the jungle

tropical vegetation

yet no mosquito


5 thoughts on “Mosquito

  1. You took me on an interesting journey in your haibun, Jane. I have no experience of malaria, yellow fever or mosquitoes that carry disease. I admire anyone who makes dangerous journeys in the name of science and to help others. The final sentence of the prose is very satisfying: ‘I swat that mosquito dead’!


  2. Rob Kistner says:

    Mosquitos are a scourge. Little disease ridden biting bastards. Hate ‘em. You be damned careful with those blood suckers there Jane.


  3. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar says:

    Seriously – what good do they do? The twist at the end works in the poem but I feel sorry for the poor boy. Not so for that mosquito.


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