Taking the Ferry from Friday Harbor

Taking the ferry from Friday Harbor

smooth the water with no whales today

from here nothing looks poor or in squalor

chains of islands into Fidalgo Bay

til we rest at the dock to end our stay

kelp glows with light on these waving sea weeds

a seagull picks up a crab as it feeds

it is time to depart this vessel now

leave behind frivolous desire and needs

return with new vision and a plan for how


How to clear the woods of branches and twigs

arrive next spring to burn them in fire pit

weather permitting we’ll see how life rigs

hopeful of future          accept what we get

there is so much work and no time to sit

thankful for still being able to move

thankful there is totally none to prove

enjoy indépendance of off the grid

no power creates a new kind of groove

complex arrangements are better left hid


dVerse prompt to write a dizain – 10 lines 10 syllables each line


double dizain – do it twice

Taking the Ferry from Friday Harbor

5 thoughts on “Taking the Ferry from Friday Harbor

  1. Well executed double Dizain Jane. Engaging read – excellent job. My wife and I are always juried into, and display and sell our artworks in the August Anacortes Art Fair, which was this past weekend. We really enjoy the area, and love showing and selling in that show. We have a bit of a following that buy our latest work from us each year. Unfortunately we had to miss this year’s show because my wife is back in Ohio giving care to her sister following spine surgery. I am confident we will be invited again next year. Fun reading your piece Jane snd being so familiar with the area.


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