Pranked by History

History is no joke. It is a record of what is happening, happened or didn’t happen.  “Fake News” becomes history.  A current event is history tomorrow.  History is ancient or recent.  Ninevah was a real city buried in sand, with a real gate, resurrected and bombed.  

History is a joke when used to advance an agenda.  My fifth grade textbook world history teacher could never get to the chapter on the Middle East.  I would read ahead.  Daydream of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  I wanted to dig deeper to see what was under the sand.

mind craves for meaning

ammunition for profit

know who benefits


dVerse prompt – haibun on April Fools Day – being pranked 

Pranked by History

One thought on “Pranked by History

  1. History is important and we are making it ourselves as we go about our day, by voting and commenting on events in our poems and blogs, It blows my mind just to think what people could be reading about in hundreds of years. I heard something on the radio about Nineveh today and I remembered it was in that song about Jonah: “Nineveh City was a city of sin…” It’s strange to think that such a beautiful and ancient name is now known as modern-day Mosul.


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