Remember the Day

My dad was on Okinawa when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima.  He was a young sailor and rarely talked about his being there.  I never saw a photo taken there.  His wife was waiting in Iowa.  His children were future “boomers” after he came home.

In school I read about the war crimes.  About concentration camps and scientific experiments.  My short essay on “the mushroom cloud” over Hiroshima won a money prize.  Life went on for everyone except the ones who died.  

hear the winter wind

acid rain falling for days

folds night on the land

Remember the Day

10 thoughts on “Remember the Day

  1. I enjoyed how you tied your father’s mysterious story to your own efforts to confront the horror of the Hiroshima bombing. Your haiku reminds me of “black rain,” the radiation-contaminated first rains after the attacks. Thank you, Jane!


  2. I agree with Frank about the way you have tied your dad’s refusal to talk about his terrible experience to your publicly acclaimed essay. The haiku paints a strong picture in a few words.


  3. Thank you for the personal share and perspective. I guess its better not to talk about such horrors in war. Your haiku about the acid rain is spot on. Thanks for joining our haibun prompt.


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