Sewing Room

I remember the light in grandmother’s sewing room. It was shining through on either side of her old black Singer sewing machine. That room had the best light of the whole house. It is where she stitched away for decades after her husband died. The sound of that machine echoing down the basement stairs where grandfather’s tools lay silent and dark.  

Customers came and went past the living room, the kitchen colored with Fiesta ware, or up the side stairs into the back foyer set for sewing. The huge kitchen table was where she laid her cloth, cutting the fabric with shape shears, the bright light on the pins as she prepared to stitch it altogether.

light through the window

make long or short of season

the cloth unfurled

Sewing Room

10 thoughts on “Sewing Room

  1. We’ve had a few grandmother memories for this week’s Haibun Monday, my own included, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about various rooms with their similarities and differences. One common theme is that grandmothers leave enduring impressions, I used to have an old treadle Singer and it was lovely to read about your grandmother’s machine and the sound of it echoing down the basement stairs. I love how you’ve juxtaposed that with your grandfather’s tools, ‘silent and dark’. What a great way to end, with the cloth unfurled!

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  2. Jo says:

    This is wonderful – I like the juxtaposition between the light in your grandmother’s sewing room and the basement where your grandfather’s tools ‘lay silent and dark’.

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  3. I love this SO much. From sewing machine to Grandpa’s waiting tools to the Fiesta-ware. My mom has collected that stuff for decades. I grew up (in childhood and through adulthood) under and around seamstresses. So everything about this just feels good. And I have this funny image playing in my head about the basement — while Grandma’s stitching, Grandpa’s ghost is getting busy, tool-prepping, building, and fixing things behind her back. Then when she turns her head, everything goes still again. 😛 Maybe she’ll be quick enough to spot him sometime soon.


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