Django Fontina

I had been practicing my django fontina for almost a year. There was something about being somewhere or nowhere and dropping the postcard poem addressed to someone I never knew. It started in the summer after my third grade when I entered my name in a postcard pyramid scheme. It was more fun to get than to give. I got postcards of moose in Canada, Lake Okoboji, farmland in Indiana, and cats. My favorite were the cats; cats in baskets, cat in a shoe, cat being fed some milk. At some point the getting and giving stopped and I was left with a pile of postcards, a few scrawled out words from other soon to be fourth graders and all those images.

My adult postcarding has way more words. Most adults like words but are limited by the amount of space they are allowed on the back (or front) of a small piece of thick paper called the postcard.  I enjoy being limited in my words.

My receiving django fontina is limited because I don’t always know where I am half the time and the P.O. won’t forward.

return to sender

poems sent into the world

to complete stranger


Doing a double take on dVerse prompt on “poem” (How Does a Poem Mean? I think that is a book I studied by John Ciardi) and NaPoWriMo on switching up so in this case it is better to get than to give.

Django Fontina

6 thoughts on “Django Fontina

  1. SMiLes.. i’ve Literally sent out Thousands
    of Poetry Response Post Cards to ‘Total
    Strangers’ all over the
    World in the
    last 56
    Months or so
    accumulating almost
    6 Million Poem Words
    at the Home of my Blog
    from that in Copy and Paste
    that goes somewhere around
    an average of 30K or so words a
    Week and 300 or so Visually Streaming
    Poetic Photographs that tale a Poem in
    Visual Ways to accompany that too.. with
    30 to 40 or so YouTube Videos to make a Full
    Multi-Media Play of what is even worthy of a
    “SonG oF My SoUL” as a Personal Bible
    For the SpiRiT
    oF mY HeaRT
    to Do and it’s
    True for if i was
    a Fisherman i would
    Starve this way for few
    Fish in the Ocean of Poetry
    come up to smile at the Bait of
    mY Soul but the thing is i see no
    one as a Stranger and everyone no
    matter what as FriEnd for it’s True
    after each Visit i absorb a little
    bit of their SoUL and Write
    it out in My Language
    as My SoUL
    to be Nourished
    by the Love of others
    as they Volunteer their
    Souls as Shared For A World
    to consume as Free.. it’s True
    these are the best days to Give and
    Share it’s True for Those who do it Heaven’s Hear..:)


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