Mount of Olives

Jesus would go to the Mount of Olives

It was a place He would go to pray

There He could look out over Jerusalem 

See the Temple across the valley

His last night He prayed His blood away


dVerse prompt to locate a holy place – this and the mount of transfiguration (possibly Mt Hermon)

Mount of Olives

5 thoughts on “Mount of Olives

  1. Iron Of Super Nova Explosions
    Iron oF EarTH CoRE
    IronY oF
    To ReSSuReCT
    As Sentient Star
    DusT PLuS Re-Born
    Of Crucible Fire Burst Death
    ReSuRReCTeD US aS SAdly aS LoVE
    maY coMe To Be As CHoSeN iNNaTE
    GArDeNeD NoW
    soMe fiReworks
    Are Like Duds
    But Children
    Don’t NoW
    GiVE uP
    WHoLY oF LovE..:)


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