Great Blue Heron

They call you blue.  I say you are rather gray.  The mood you put me in when standing at the edge of the pond to fish out the koi.  Brilliant orange harpooned on the beak.  They say a koi can live for fifty years.

Now I watch heron on the beach, the silly legs straggling along the sand, or the patient one roosting in the tree over the lagoon.  There is a white heron on the lake today. Hard to forget the gray.

predator and prey

leave mark on gray windy sky

beauty in color

the oldest known koi was Hanako, who lived for 226 years

dVerse prompt for haibun in gray

Great Blue Heron

18 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. Koi are cool critters. I once lived with a man who kept them. I agree about the herons being grey rather than blue. You haibun portrays these birds beautifully. We frequently have them in our pond, standing around watching the world go by.


  2. Herons are like gangly teens trying to play basketball, but still haven’t developed their coordination. I loved your description of the water’s edge and the fishermen there.


  3. The have more grey than blue against the sky, now that you say it I can see that much clearly. the line brilliant orange was a good pause in the haibun, loved that splash of colour among the grey.


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