A Clearing

My daughter and her husband purchased five acres of land, lots of trees on it and a pond.  There is an old house there, three sheds about to fall over, two old boats that might still float, an aluminum travel trailer that hasn’t traveled since 1998, and lots of work.  She says she is feeling overwhelmed.

I remember when my husband and I were young and worked all day on weekends to clear land to build a house.  I tell her that I don’t know how we did it.  I can still clear brush and trim branches and find a yellow McCoy mouse cookie jar discarded in weeds.  She too will find her surprises.


old abandoned house

still remnants of who was here

earth cycle passes



dVerse haibun prompt on surprises – the big surprise was that the cookie jar wasn’t broken

A Clearing

10 thoughts on “A Clearing

  1. X says:

    She will.

    That is part of the fun in buying a new place. Finding all the treasures of the old,
    deciding what to discard, what to keep…and of course making new memories
    in the process.

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  2. This is perfect in its description of a process that now two generations in your family have gone through. The “clearing” of land to build your own memories….and finding the discarded remnants of someone’s past in the making of your own future. I enjoyed this very much.

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