Mountain Bear Woman

Fire was on the other side of the ridge bringing the bears to the hillside of Two Medicine Lake.    I watched them from a distance as they foraged in the short brush.  That afternoon on a tour boat cruising  the length of the lake,  a huge grizzly bear was seen on the shore.


On the return trip, the grizzly had moved from the shoreline to a mound of black huckleberries.  On the other side of the bushes, a woman was picking the berries, oblivious to the bear.


Mountain Bear Woman

Joined in kindred spirit at

Two Medicine Lake




dVerse animal prompt – this was the first time I ever saw a grizzly at Glacier National Park

Mountain Bear Woman

10 thoughts on “Mountain Bear Woman

  1. Love the haibun and the spiritual encounter of the woman and the bear. I hope they never knew the other was there. As the others have said, the Native American aspects of this made it even more special.


  2. I love so much about your haibun, Jane: firstly, it’s about a woman-bear encounter – no men involved; secondly, it’s set on the hillside of Two Medicine Lake, an exotic name for a Brit; thirdly, it’s a wonderful grizzly, which I would love to but will never see in my lifetime; it has huckleberries, which I’ve heard of but neither seen nor tasted; and there are kindred spirits!.

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