Why is it so difficult to serve the cup of kindness or drink from it?  The cup of cruelty still being offered up around the world as I sip my coffee and read The Post.  Today’s headline of officials charged and the president fumes with frustration.

Now I want to measure my kindness in cups.  A half cup of kind word.  Three quarters of humility mixed with a cup of understanding.  Maybe I can find a kinder way in a sometimes cruel world.

Be kind for the day

All resonants from within

Learn to give and take

dVerse prompt haibun on kindness


9 thoughts on “Cup

  1. Perhaps you are looking for the grandiose sweeping acts of kindness, not the small acts such as a door held open or a smile in passing. One wonders how the world might be changed if our newspapers and newscasts gave as much coverage to good news and acts of kindness as they do to the ugliness in the world. It seems watching the news is like getting a daily dose of mineral oil … I’m looking for a daily vitamin!


  2. I apologize for getting to your submission so late. I lost internet (!) yesterday during the prompt and just got it back sometime early this morning. It is hard for me to believe you have never shown kindness or been given kindness. I wrote the prompt for people to share kindness, which I guess you did, in a way.


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