I remember the day the new freezer arrived.  It was huge.  It was from Sears complete with a warranty. Now we could stock up on fresh halibut flown south from Alaska.  Copper River salmon for the outdoor BBQ pit and those two for the price of one whole roasting chickens.  We were carnivores ready to devour our meat as soon as it could be thawed and grilled.  When the wild blackberries were on we picked for shelves of readymade frozen pies, froze Wenatchee peaches, and other things we thought we would have need.

Before we had hardly shut the door, the freezer stopped. We checked the switches.  We shut it off, turned it on, probably hit it a few times or slammed the door.  The repair man came and went to work.   He got it going again.  It is under warranty I say.  Sorry says he.  The warranty doesn’t  cover salamanders.

dVerse prompt on the frig thus my prose poem on a salamander climbing in the motor of my new freezer


12 thoughts on “Freeze

  1. Laughing I am! Yep — salamanders wouldn’t be covered by a warantee or home owners insurance. Reminds me of eons ago when we were living in a rental country house — REALLY in the country. We’d been having touble with the old old electric stove so called the owner. He agreed to get a new one put in. When the appliance folks came, they pulled the old one (did I already say it was really really old?) out from the wall, and there they were….a number of electrocuted mummified mice attached to the coils. UGH! Think I would have rather had salamanders! 🙂


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