Going down the hallway

A class perhaps we shared

Or sitting in the lunchroom

Unbridled for just awhile

As the hallway clock ticked out

Its steady rhythm of time

Moving forward

We scattered at the sound of the bell

And went our ways

quadrille Monday at dVerse written on a Tuesday and reunions can be somewhat spicey


6 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. I’ve never been back to my high school reunion. I’ve always wondered what became of the prom king and queen; the popular jocks; and all the other cheerleaders (I was the only one chosen because of my acrobatic skills). I do know my fellow nerd debaters all became successful lawyers 🙂

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  2. This really brought back memories for me too, dreading the sound of the bell for class. I like the way time moved slowly in this quadrille, as if in slow motion contrasting with the scattering at the end.

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