You and the Eclipse

to Greg


Watch as the moon makes a sliver of the sun.  You can almost see it move. It put a blind spot on the surface. Solar experience. Totality somewhere. But you would not travel to the path of totality. You who doesn’t like lines, traffic or the hype. Now totality comes in another place and you are content with just a sliver of the moment.

So it never got dark, it never made that perfect circle of promised intervention or made the stars shine in the day. And now a half disc lowers itself towards the east horizon and I watch and wait for the glorious totality of the sun.

Can this be random
When heavens and earth align
Or a great design?

You and the Eclipse

10 thoughts on “You and the Eclipse

  1. Having just been glued to the television, watching the eclipse cross the US in all its glory, I very much enjoyed this habit! A sliver sun…..Here in Boston we only achieved about 60+% so did not notice much difference out our window. I much preferred watching it live on television! 🙂


  2. I love the first sentence and the way you reverse the process at the end: from ‘Watch as the moon makes a sliver of the sun’ to ‘ I watch and wait for the glorious totality of the sun’. Nicely done, Jane!
    And an interesting koan in the haiku.

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  3. It was only a partial eclipse here so didn’t see that much ~ I would love to see the total darkness some time in my life ~ For now, like you, I am content with the sliver of the moment.

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  4. The senryu at the end of your haibun poses an interesting question. It depends on where you were during the eclipse. We had total eclipse with darkness and then light. I took pictures and watched it on the news on my tablet outside.


  5. I think it’s a Grand Design! It was great on TV. Here, was another story. It was a little like a cloudy afternoon for a while and then you could see the full daylight resume the Summer’s heat. They say that in 7 years it will hit us just right.

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