Forest Fires

Smoke filled the valley coming into Idaho. Where there were mountains now you could not see mountains and dusk came early from the thick haze.  Bring some rain we pleaded in a circle dance, dancing all night while the flames shot forty feet into the dark sky.

Who can save us from this char-filled air, breathing in the remnants of fire hundreds of miles away over the Canadian border?   Last night it stormed all night in Zion.

Lightning strikes the earth

Twenty fires in Idaho

The state is burning


dVerse prompt on the imperfect

Forest Fires

10 thoughts on “Forest Fires

  1. And such is our experience all over the West, it seems. We are expecting 4 more days of t-storms now, intermittently. Maybe rain will out the lightning–who knows? Be safe and lay off the posting while you are in the car!!!


  2. This is a scary thing. I’ve never experienced a large forest fire first hand but I read an ominous feeling of dread and helplessness in your words. The smallness of humans doing our dances, hoping to impact this raging force of nature is very moving.


  3. These wild fires that consume….send their effects across miles as you’ve pointed out so well here. The smoke filled skies that drifts into what we think is dusk. Your words are timely here.


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