The Battle


I went downtown to help a friend get a collared clergy shirt.  He spoke a little English even though his first language is French.  He had come from Rome for a Holy Convocation.  I was overwhelmed by the number of icons, so many little plastic Jesuses and Him still hanging on the cross.  “Iconoclast……….the battle is real.”  I doubt that he knew what I said.  I started to weep wondering what Jesus would have thought of the things I was seeing in the shop.  Would He have taken a whip out?

I felt like Paul in Ephesus when he rebuked the god Artemis and the idol makers set the people against him.  I told my friend I felt like Paul in Ephesus but I doubt that he understood what I was saying. I hardly knew myself.  I walked around the shop while my friend tried on the clergy shirt.  What I was seeing was big business all over the world.  On the shelf was a single crown of thorns and I questioned if this is what Jesus died for.

More than a savior

Jesus wants to be your LORD

And His will be done

dVerse prompt to write in haibun form

The Battle

9 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. I’m puzzled that if your friend was searching for a collared clergy shirt, that he would not have understood your reference to Paul in Ephesus. But we are human – we need touchstones and icons to remind us to be mindful. People are going to make money off anything. I feel what the person does with their purchase is the difference. Interesting haibun and poem at the end of it.


    1. He knows very little English and I know very little French so without a translator it would be difficult to have a conversation about why I felt this way. I am sure he could have taught me but there existed a language barrier.


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