Because water can suffocate, my mother taught me to swim. She was a swimmer herself, a lifeguard and a good teacher. I learned quickly in a lake where she would stand on the sandy bottom and help me go under. I could see her legs in the murky water. Later she took me to the swimming pool where she made me jump off the diving board into deep water.

I never joined a team. In lessons I was the teacher and the taught. Ended up coaching the swim team and loved to hone the skill of others. To see them build their technique, strength and endurance. To help them love their sport and learn to race to win although sometimes they didn’t. I could swim for miles without regret.

Straight path in water
Don’t forget when you need breath
Eyes on the finish

dVerse prompt for haibun Monday on a sport


8 thoughts on “Swimming

    1. Yes, I still have vivid memory of learning to swim in Storm Lake, taught by my mother. I coached my own two daughters who swam on Div 1 college teams as well as other swimmers I coached. One of my former swimmers made the Olympic team. Brag Brag


  1. You had mastered the sport. ‘Don’t forget when you need breath’ It’s a life’s lesson. We need that breath to live wherever we are. An excellent piece of writing.


  2. Oh the swimming! The stars beyond my reach, not for long! Don’t mind my rambling. Your writing bought back memories. I loved how you taught the class and loved to see them grow. The haiku is so fitting!


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