Beware the Boogeyman

so many ways to lure a mind away

some will go for candy

others for just a ride

it might be for friendship

or one last adventure

it was only going to be

around the block

ended up being forever

who is your boogeyman

running you off the road

promises of what you want to hear

will get you when he can

beware the boogeyman

Toads prompt on the boogeyman

Beware the Boogeyman

13 thoughts on “Beware the Boogeyman

  1. hypercryptical says:

    As a child it was drummed into to me to never accept sweets off or talk to a stranger. There was no boogeymen feel to it, instead we were told that some people were not very nice.
    The world seems scarier now as are your words. So well done.
    Anna :o]


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